Why Developing a Domain Name is Like Buying a Car

Ask ten different domainers which development platform to use and you will get ten different answers. Next, try asking which web language. You will get twenty different answers.

Questions like these have been debated since the internet began.

A more accurate answer: it doesn’t matter.

Getting from Point A to Point B

In general, anything on wheels will get you from point A to point B. Some people prefer cars. Some people prefer vans or trucks. Some people prefer riding bicycles or rollerblading through town.

Anything will do. Pick the best option your money can buy and it will get you from Point A to Point B.

So in general any web language and any platform will get you from Point A to Point B. Just pick the ones you are most comfortable with and get on with it.

The exception comes when you want to change the quality of getting from Point A to Point B.

Enhancements and Modifications

Some cars get you there faster than others. Some vehicles are better with gas mileage than others. Some cars will last longer than others. At that point you have a few options. You can either initially buy a better vehicle or modify the one you have.

The same goes for a website. If you want it to perform better, be well designed or earn revenue then you need to look at options beyond getting you from Point A to Point B. Sure you have a website. It’s published on the internet. But are you getting the type of quality ride you expect for your investment?

Better Gas Mileage or Awesome Stereo System?

That is why it doesn’t matter what language or platform you use. Anything will get you published on the internet.

What really matters is how this website is built to reach goals, convert users, earn revenue, generate leads and whatever end goals you have set.

You shouldn’t use roller blades in a drag race just like you shouldn’t use a race car to get groceries in town.

Beware of the salesmen

Your web developer’s solution should not be to sell you on platforms and web languages or showcase what platforms and languages they use.

Instead, they should be focused on helping you accomplish the end goals while emphasizing that a particular web language or platform is just a tool to get there.

For example, I like developing with the WordPress API and PHP. It’s just a personal preference. I’m in no way bound by WordPress itself, that’s the beauty of knowing PHP and the API therefore I can extend it anyway I want.

However, not all projects should go on WordPress. The platform is robust but can’t handle every scenario.

Seek a Dealership Focused on What is Right for You

A bad web developer is going to try and sell you on his platform and programming language despite that project not being a good fit simply because they want the job or don’t know how to use anything else. And you don’t find out until too late that you are stuck with a website lemon.

That’s why the platform and language usually doesn’t matter. It’s all about the end goals. Don’t let anyone convince you to use something that’s not right for your domain just because of some platform fanboy enthusiasm.

Granted, there are good reasons to use certain solutions in particular scenarios but make sure your developer explains the logical reasoning for using a particular solution over another.

What about you? Have you ever felt pinned into one solution over another? Tell your story in the comments below.

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